LeptiLean by Advocare

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LeptiLean is one of the newer products released by AdvoCare.  AdvoCare is constantly updating their products and coming out with brand new nutritional supplements.  LeptiLean is one of the latest products out to help in weight management for the most successful weight management program.

It is not part of the 24 Day Challenge, however, it can be an add-on to potentially replace ThermoPlus .  Why replace ThermoPlus?  LeptiLean is very similar to ThermoPlus in helping to increase metabolism.  However, LeptiLean is preferred for anyone desiring to eat less at meal time.  LeptiLean promotes the feeling of fullness and satiety.  Satiety is the state where you are gratified beyond the point of satisfaction.  What this means is, if you are one to not know when to stop eating at meal time, this is the preferred supplement over ThermoPlus.



This is a great compliment to the 24 Day Challenge or anytime one is focused on food.  Maybe after some time of forming new habits, you may not need it later on.  In that case, you may want to switch over to ThermoPLus.  Much of our problems today with our weight; are our eating habits.  We could use some help in forming new habits and AdvoCare is a company that has the products that can do it effectively and safely.  We need all the help we can get to battle against obesity and its effects on overall health and wellness.

View the product page for LeptiLean to see the benefits and ingredients used to make the product what it is.  There are mainly three ingredients that are at the core of this product.  Two are trademarked products called, Lepticore and PhosphoLean.  The third, Naringin, is used to enhance metabolism.  The names on this page are links that will take you to a description for the product.  This is a good source of information for those that want to go deeper into what is in a product.

This make for an easy weight loss program when you have products that work synergistically in providing the results that have people jumping up and down.  These products are effective and safe.  As a pharmacist, I recommend these products over anything, if they are taken as recommended.  If you have other health issues and are not sure whether you can take these products, you have the key ingredients on the product page which you can take to your doctor to get their advice on whether you should take them or not.

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